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type of services we offer

  • We can do Soap Base and Manufacturing Service Only: Your company will provide for the ingredients and packaging material so your product is strictly yours. Soapwerke Inc will provide for the manufacturing service and some of the major ingredients.
  • We can do Manufacturing Service Only: Your company will provide all the raw materials needed for production; while Soapwerke will provide the manufacturing services.
  • Export. We manufacture bath soap, cosmetic soap and beauty soap in the Philippines for distribution worldwide
  • Hotel and Spa Soap
  • Beauty soap Manufacturing in the Philippines. Manufacture soap for corporate souvenirs, wedding party, birthday party give-away and children's soap
  • Formulation Assistance. Our formulations have been tested; we utilize only the finest actives, fragrances and soap base. We manufacture the soap under strict quality standards to assure you the soap is world class quality, smooth, well refined and very good for the skin.

In all cases, you will acquire the use of our excellent machine line and our team of soap professionals. The soap you will get from us will be the "smoothest and creamiest" soap ever. The ingredients will also be the best. From the 1st batch to the last batch; from this year to the next years, you can be assured of only the best in quality and service… and most competitive prices as well. You can be confident that you have acquired the services of the best Cosmetic soap Manufacturer in the Philippines.

Minimum Volume: The minimum volume depends on the type of service required and kind of soap you wish to sell. However, our minimum volume should be in the thousands of bars. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your volume requirements and how we can best meet your expectations.